Disciples of Christ


As we say every Sunday to our visitors, “We hope you find the doors of this church and the arms of this church family wide open as we welcome everyone to this time of worship and fellowship.” We are a church family and we emphasize “family” in all aspects. We are a church family who encourages everyone to find and pursue your ministry. We are a church family who supports you in your journey of faith. We are a church family who accepts Jesus’ challenges with the response, “Here I am, Lord. Send me.” We are a church family who believes, as Jesus lived and taught Himself, that the true mission and work of the Church lies outside the walls and doors of sanctuary, classrooms and fellowship hall. We are a church family who cares for our brothers and sisters in Christ. We are a church family who celebrates God’s love and grace for everyone as we accept Christ’s invitation to the Table of Communion; a Table where everyone is welcome to come “just as I am.”

We welcome everyone to come and enjoy family life at our church. Come check out Sunday School, Bible Study, Men’s, Women’s and Youth fellowship and Worship. And, yes, we have fun too with many fellowship activities going on throughout the year, including some of the best cookin’ you’ll find anywhere. Click here for all the latest church news and events.

On behalf of the Family in Christ of our church, welcome and we look forward to seeing you soon!