Welcome to Wendell Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)!

We are now gathering online and in person and we will continue to Love one another! We will welcome guests who will share the Love of Christ with us! We will see how the Spirit of Christ teaches us to be the Church in these times. Join this Great Adventure of Love we are on! 

In addition to worship, we will share a time of devotion and encouragement each Wednesday at 7:30 AM. You can join us by entering our Zoom Meeting ID 9193656557 or on YouTube Live.

Learning to be together in the digital world can be challenging for those who are new to it. We encourage you to be patient with yourself and others as we learn. Humans have made long and dangerous journeys to be with those they love. We have the Spirit of Christ in us and we love each other. Thank you for all that you do to share the Love of Christ!

Sunday Worship Now Live on YouTube!

We are now streaming Sunday Services and Wednesday Devotions on YouTube Live. Zoom will be available as audio-only for dial-in users, and we will no longer use Facebook Live. You can also join us on Zoom (audio only), Listen in the church parking lot on FM 91.1, or YouTube Live. Click here to watch more worship videos on our YouTube channel. Click here to watch videos on our Facebook page.

Sunday, July 7th

Rev. Ryan Craddock

On Sunday, July 7th we welcome Rev. Ryan Craddock, a member and Associate Pastor at Hood Memorial Christian Church in Dunn, NC. The Search Committee is thankful that after an interview, Mr. Craddock felt called to visit WCC, and an arrangement was made for him to preach this Sunday.

We hope many of you will be at church Sunday to hear his message or watch via YouTube if you cannot attend. We are grateful to the Search Committee for the time, energy, and effort devoted to searching for a new minister. Please thank them in person: Briana Eddy (Chairperson), Virginia Mora, Alice Hall, Ann Harris, and Tim Gull.

See you Sunday morning! REMINDER: This is the first Sunday of the month! Join us for Social time at 10:30 if you can make it!

Women’s and Men’s Retreat at Christmount [Deadline Extended to July 7th]

Pastor Search

The Rev. Dr. George Fuller retired as Pastor in May, and we are seeking a new Pastor. Click here for information about our Pastor position.

Hospitality – First Sundays at 10:30 A.M.

Join us for hospitality and fellowship on the first Sunday of each month at 10:30 A.M. in the Fellowship Hall! Coffee and other beverages will be available as well as food items like doughnuts and muffins. All are welcome! Be a friend, bring a friend!

Your Contribution is Needed and Welcomed!

As many churches today are experiencing, our congregational giving is down from previous years. The summertime is especially tough with attendance sporadic as folks take vacations. The current economy and higher costs of everything have been affecting us all, too.

We have had to pull funds from our savings account several times to meet our current obligations. So that everyone understands, we may have an approved budget, but if the donations don’t match the spending, we do NOT spend money in categories that are not critical. For example, insurance, electricity, water, utilities, and salaries must be paid. Funds for the Pastor’s Education/Workshops, Children’s ministry items, and community assistance(such as helping others with bills, etc.), have not been used due to lack of funds. All of this money is called the “general operating budget.”

We have additional funds in a Building/Facilities fund that cannot be spent on general operating expenses. This would pay for items like the new air conditioner, or new items for the church facility.

Most of the activities this year(food activities especially) have been funded by members/participants bringing items to share. Thresa and Glenn closely monitor the budget and I sincerely appreciate their combined effort to keep things in check.

With this information/explanation, we hope you’ll understand our request for your prayerful consideration for your family giving to WCC for the remainder of 2023.

Contribute to Wendell Christian Church


Your financial support is greatly needed and appreciated. Click here to make an online contribution, or you can mail your contributions to WCC, PO Box 874, Wendell, NC 27591-0874. To download the Gively smartphone app, click here. Once you have it installed on your phone, put in zip code 27591 for your location and search for Wendell Christian Church.