Congregational Meeting September 25

The congregational meeting that was previously set for this Sunday, September 11 is being moved to Sunday, September 25. We, the Shaping Our Future Together in Christ team, did not get the information out soon enough that we all needed to review and reflect on in prayer. We are sorry to those who have arranged for the date we are changing. Please forgive us. Please read and reflect on these documents in prayer:


Asset Gathering

Physical/Financial Assets

This letter will explain more, but our primary definition of success will be to have everyone in WCC participate as they are able in Shaping Our Future Together in Christ. Reach out to a team member after you read these if you have any questions or we can help include your thoughts in this process.

In the Love of Christ,
Shaping Our Future Together in Christ Team

Briana Eddy, George Fuller, Marty Greer, Gayenell Gull, Tim Gull, June Phelps, Mitchell Oliver, Rachel Oliver


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