Announcements – March 8, 2020

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Wednesday Morning Bible Study

We welcome everyone to join us for our weekly Bible study in the Fellowship Hall each Wednesday morning at 10:30 AM. Come and bring a friend as we study the word of God We will continue our study of Hebrews chapter 9, question 11. Happy New Year to all. Led by Virginia Mora and June Phelps.

Thank You!

I want to thank Lisa for leading last Sunday. She was a great addition to the rest of you who serve us each week! We had a wonderful weekend with a wedding and a baptism. (George’s heaven, including tickle time with the grandchildren.) I hope that this season of Lent is doing the work we seek each day. Letting go of all other lords and ways of living, to enter and embrace the Life of Jesus Christ is somber, joyful, and transformative. Let us hold one another in prayer as we pass through this sacred season. -George

Contact An Elder

Thes Elders are available to the congregation for prayer requests, suggestions, questions or concerns. Click here to send a message to one of our Church Elders.

Disciples Men March Meeting Canceled

The DMF monthly meeting for March has been canceled. The April meeting is still scheduled for Wednesday, April 8th.

Voting Delegates: Gaynell Gull, Tim Gull

Elders Meeting – Sunday, March 8

The Elders March meeting will be Sunday, March 8th immediately following the morning church service and then the second Sunday of each following month in the Fellowship Hall.

Missing Flower Pots

The church is missing a couple of gold flower pots. We assume they may have been taken home by mistake as part of a flower arrangement. If you have these pots, please return them to the church. We need them. Thank you. The Worship Committee

Wendell Council of Churches Lenten Services

Lenten Services begins on Ash Wednesday, February 26th. These services will begin at 12:15 PM every Wednesday during Lent at Wendell United Methodist Church. A different church will provide devotional service & lunch every Wednesday. Holy Week devotional services will be at noon each weekday at Wendell Christian Church with a light fellowship lunch to follow. Our church is responsible for the devotional service and lunch on Good Friday, April 10th.  Everyone is invited to attend. The Worship Committee has several Lenten Devotional books available. See Ann Harris or Alice Hall.

Regional Assembly – April 17 – 19

The Christian Church (DOC) in NC Regional Assembly this year will be Friday, April 17th through Sunday, April 19th at Camp Caroline, 3398 Janiero Road, Arapahoe, NC. Our church is entitled to three voting delegates and three alternate delegates. Everyone is invited to attend this Regional Assembly. Delegate registration forms need to be in the Regional Office by February 17th. Resolutions need to be in the Regional Office by January 19th. Let Jeff Laubscher know if you would like to be a voting delegate or alternate.

Retreat – April 24 – 26

Pastor George would like to invite you to attend a retreat, “Making Peace” led by Jamie Norton. This weekend retreat is a powerful experience of God’s Love and Grace helping us to make peace with our past and equip us to live the full lives we are made for. He has attended this weekend retreat and led the 8-week follow-up group multiple times. It is wonderful for everyone who wants to feel the loving presence of Christ in their daily lives. It is especially helpful when there are things in your past that keep you from trusting Christ’s Love. Let Pastor George know if you are interested or have any questions. The retreat is April 24th – 26th in Mebane, NC. The cost $150 but scholarships are available.

Church Nursery Volunteers Needed

There is a sign-up list on the piano near the front of the Sanctuary. In case we have a family or visitors with children from birth to 4 years of age, we want to provide a setting for the younger children during church. We realize that there may be Sundays that no younger children are present, but we ask for volunteers so that the Deacons may direct the parents/grandparents/family to the availability of the nursery and point them in that direction. If you volunteer, please be in the nursery area around 10:45 AM and greet any families who may come. If no one arrives by about 11:10, please come into the Sanctuary and join the church service. One or two people may sign up per date. If you have questions, please contact Gayenell Gull or Barbara Pratt. Thanks for your help with this!


For families with infants or young children, a nursery is available in the west education wing. The Deacons are available to provide additional information.

Concerned about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

We know many of you may have questions and concerns about the COVID-19 virus. First, rest assured that WakeMed has a comprehensive plan in place for caring for any patient who may present with a suspected or confirmed case of the illness.

What are my best resources for new information?
This situation continues to evolve with new information becoming available almost daily. As a result, the best resource for the most up-to-date information is available on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website. This can be found at There, you will find detailed information on COVID-19, including how it spreads, symptoms, prevention and treatment, testing and other frequently asked questions. Additional information can also be found on the NC Department of Health & Human Services webpage at

If you have questions or concerns about COVID-19, the North Carolina Division of Public Health is the most appropriate organization to contact. They have established a call line at 1-866-462-3821 to address general questions about the coronavirus virus from the public.

We don’t need to panic, but it’s definitely important for us to stay informed and be prepared.

Just a warm reminder for you to pass on – remember to use the common sense approach to good personal hygiene practices to prevent the spread of this virus illness or other illnesses, including the flu and colds:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water
  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose, mouth with unwashed hands
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw it in the trash
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick
  • If someone is coughing or sneezing, stay at least 3 – 6 feet away
  • Stay home when you’re sick and see your doctor if you think you’re ill
  • Try your best to stay healthy by eating healthy, sleeping well, and
  • drinking plenty of water in order to boost your immune system.

The most vulnerable are the elderly and those with weakened immune systems especially those with respiratory problems. The overall risk for the healthy is rather low. So stay healthy and safe. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones. Please take care!!

WCC T-Shirts For Sale!

The Evangelism Committee is selling t-shirts for $10.00 each. If you would like a Wendell Christian t-shirt, please let a member of the Evangelism Committee know. The members are Virginia Mora, Ann Harris, Donna Wall, Claudia Lackner, Ben Lambeth, Lori Laubscher and also June Phelps helps us out.

Disciples Women Fund Raisers

The Disciples Women’s Fellowship is planning an auction for the end of summer.  We are in need of salable donations and will be collecting those items in the Sunday school room at the end of the hall near the preacher’s study.  Please donate those salable items you no longer need or use. This should be a fun event.

DWF will be selling Rada Cutlery as an ongoing fundraiser. Please see any member of DWF to look at one of the catalogs. These make great gifts and will help the DWF with our projects. Any questions see Ann Harris or Alice Hall.

Is your loved one or close friend on display for all to see? Order a brick in honor of or in memory of a loved one or close friend. View the Memorial Garden Patio for examples. Order forms are in the Fellowship Hall or see any DWF members.

Note Cards For Sale

The DWF has beautiful note cards for sale. Please see the display in the Fellowship Hall.

Sign Up For Altar Flowers

The sign-up calendar for Altar Flowers is on a kitchen wall. Please add your name by the Sunday you plan to present Altar Flowers and indicate who is to be honored/remembered.

Church Choir

We lift our voices in music as part of our service, expressing our worship of God. We draw upon our rich heritage of traditional and contemporary music. There is always room for individuals who feel God’s leading to sing in the choir which meets every Sunday morning at 10:30 AM in the Sanctuary.

Reports and Bulletin Updates

Various financial reports, as well as other useful information, are on a table in the Fellowship Hall. Please email Sunday Bulletin updates to Glenn Harris by Friday each week.

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