Congregational Meeting November 13

We will have a Congregational meeting on Sunday, November 13 after church to:

  1. Receive a final report from the “Sharing Our Future Together In Christ” group. A chili lunch will be available and we will hear the details of everything gathered through the congregation’s input over the last 18 months. This is not a report that will require any “vote” but will be suggestions and ideas for our different committees and groups that can be implemented or integrated into activities over the next year or the next few years. The group is looking forward to sharing this information with all of you.
  2. Vote to suspend the By-Laws and allow for the “less than a week” required notification regarding an urgent HVAC issue. The manufacturer we had previously voted to contract is having supply chain issues.
  3. Vote to rescind the previous HVAC proposal.
  4. Vote on the new board-approved HVAC proposal.