In-Person Worship Guidelines

January 6, 2022

We will continue on January 9th to have the Sunday service in the Sanctuary at 11:00. Due to the increased Covid cases, we asked that you follow our protocols which include distancing from others and wearing a mask in and out of the building. This is for the safety of ALL worship attendees. If you do not feel well or are uncomfortable with this, please join us on Zoom or Facebook Live at WCC Together. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Gayenell Gull.

We affirm our desire to gather together in a variety of ways that are safe with the ultimate hope to gather in person in harmony with the wisdom we find from Christ through the Body of Christ, Wendell Christian Church.

The Board of WCC invites any who choose to gather in the sanctuary for worship on Sundays at 11 AM beginning on March 14, 2021 with the following guidelines. There will be no other activities in the building including classes, childcare, or coffee in the kitchen. Bathrooms are available off of the narthex. Worship on Sundays will continue for others wishing to participate through Zoom, Facebook Live, and the FM transmitter on station 91.1 near the Sanctuary. We will continue to gather in those ways as we move forward.

We will have all the spaces we use thoroughly cleaned before and after a gathering. We believe this can be done well by members using the guidelines from the CDC.

We will have removed the pew cushions and all the materials in the back of the pews to reduce the risk and the need for deep cleaning all the cushions and publications.

We will only use the main entrance to the Sanctuary and do our best to avoid moving in opposite directions as we enter and exit. The deacons/volunteers will dismiss by rows when the service concludes.

We will ask everyone in attendance to follow the Three W’s recommended by the NC DHHS:

  • Wash their hands before entering. We will make hand sanitizer available as well as the option of the bathroom sinks off the narthex.
  • Wear a mask. (We will make masks available to those who need one).
  • Wait to be 6 feet apart. (We will sit in designated row of pews. People in the same household can sit together. All others maintain the 6-foot separation from those in the same pew.)
  • We will do a temperature check and offer masks as needed outside the main entrance. Anyone with a temperature or chooses not to wear a mask will have our other options for participating. (Zoom, Facebook Live, FM station 91.1)

Communion will be offered but we will honor anyone who chooses to share communion without using the elements we provide. They are welcome to bring their own elements if they wish. Pre-packaged elements will be made available on tables inside the sanctuary and can be picked up as each person enters and taken to where they are seated to be used at the time we take the Lord’s Supper. 

Offering: We will place offering plates on the table with the Communion elements and everyone can leave their offering there. We will maintain the options of online giving and mailing in an offering.

Singing: We will NOT have congregational singing. We will ask the organist to play hymns with one or two (when from the same household) singers voicing the hymns from the choir loft. We will encourage everyone to make melody in their hearts and allow the lyrics to minister to their souls. Due to the size of our choir space, until further notice, only 4 singers will be used in the choir in order to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

The deacons/volunteers will make a register of the names of everyone in attendance so we can communicate with them should anyone in attendance be diagnosed with COVID 19.

Printed bulletins will be available on the table with communion elements. Bulletins will continue to be emailed to all on our email list. They can be printed at home or viewed on a digital device. Worship leaders will give direction to aid in the flow of worship.

Signage: We will post a sign at every entrance and at the bottom of the ramp in front with the following guidance:

  • We ask all who enter to have a temperature check, wash your hands, wear a mask and maintain 6-foot separation unless you are in the same household.
  • Anyone who is uncomfortable with our safety guidelines can take part using FM station 91.1, Zoom, or Facebook live.

Since we pledge to provide a safe space to all who enter our Sanctuary, we will insist that these guidelines be followed. The deacons/volunteers will ask worshipers to follow the guidelines and offered a mask if needed. 

Other Gatherings: We encourage our leadership to plan gatherings outside while following the Three Ws.

Prayerfully given by the members of the Board of Wendell Christian Church, Wednesday, March 3, 2021.