Prayer Vigil Wednesday, May 11

Prayer Vigil

On Wednesday, May 11, 2022, Wendell Christian Church Family and Friends will hold a prayer vigil. Pray wherever you are during the timeframe you choose.  Prayer Guidance below will give you some ideas of what you may want to pray about. You may decide to pray on one thought alone or multiple items, but this is YOUR time of prayer for our fellowship as we move forward “Shaping our future together in Christ.”

Bless us in our direction and point us to how we can do more within our community that will show your light.

Help us to be unified and encourage each other in our mission of ministry.

We should do everything without expecting anything in return.

Help us be faithful servants and focus on the spiritual growth of our congregation.

Our leadership has to come from God’s ministry

Trust that God will never forsake us.

Give us the strength to work harder for your kingdom.

Give us the grace to continue serving Him in truth and spirit.

Help us focus on the needy in our community and world, resisting temptation, greed, and self-centeredness.

Let God’s love complete us and bring us together regardless of our differences.

Guide our words, thoughts, and actions.

Help us identify the areas which need improvement, then determine ways to make these improvements.

That God is glorified in all that we do in our daily lives.

For the communities, our country, where hatred and separation have created confusion and untrust.

For our world leaders – that God will speak to their hearts and minds in their decision-making to show compassion and love for their people.

For George and all pastors leading church congregations

For our church family, elders, leaders, and committee workers- that His spirit be our guide so we can better understand our direction

and purpose as a church.

If you have any issues that lay heavy on your heart, please add them to your list. 


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